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Be a Charmer not a Creeper

September 16, 2013

Daily ReadBe a Charmer not a Creeper

Is success directly linked to ones charm or appeal? If you feel you need to be pleasing and delightful (the definition for charming) to be a successful networker, motivator or inspiring manager, then the answer is yes – being charming is directly linked to success. Charm has its limits though and you don’t want to cross the line to being a creep. So use some restraint and boundaries (included below) when implementing these tips in using charm to attract opportunities and success:

  1. Dress to Impress. Clean, pressed, fashionable clothes and good grooming will help people know that you care about the impression you make. Creep Factor:  Show personal style while remaining professional. You don’t want to look like you’re going clubbing and certainly don’t brag about the brands you wear.
  2. Make Eye Contact. Most people don’t trust others who can’t look someone in the eye. Creep Factor:  Don’t stare. Be natural, look away briefly and blink.
  3. Smile. People want to work with others who can demonstrate happiness and a love for life. Creep Factor: Fake smiles and exaggerated joy just comes off bizarre and phony.
  4. Shake Hands Firmly.  That first handshake will make an impact, so if you are in the US, make it firm and direct. Creep Factor: Too much touching or touching anywhere near sensitive areas will raise issues of confusion, awkwardness and potential sexual harassment concerns. Always err on the side of less physical contact.
  5. Be a Bit Clever.  People love to learn and laugh. So naturally, smart people who can entertain with humor and stories are very popular and can command a crowd. Creep Factor: Leave the crass, mean and profane stories to a non-work environment.
  6. Take a Personal Interest in Others. People respect others who care enough to show sincere interest in people’s lives; it makes them feel important and show you to be selfless and gracious. Creep Factor:  Asking too many intimate questions, stalking their personal pages or digging into their desk is considered invasive and threatening.

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