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Is Your Day-to-Day Life Dragging You Down?

September 17, 2013

Daily ReadIs Your Day-to-Day Life Dragging You Down?

Even the most motivated entrepreneurs face a day-to-day work life that can be grueling and stressful. Rather than dwelling on what you dislike or amassing a pile of overdue work, focus your mind on more productive thoughts. Here are three suggestions to help you find joy in your day-to-day grind:

  1. Connect rote tasks to bigger goals. To prevent boredom or procrastination during tasks you’d rather avoid, remember what you stand to gain if you complete the task. You’ll be more motivated with a bigger payoff.
  2. Create small challenges for yourself.  While you’re working on a task you dislike, artificial challenges can be surprisingly helpful.  Set a timer and try to beat the clock, take a walk after you complete a task. Anything to break it up with something you enjoy.
  3. Hack the tasks you hate.  Consider boredom a golden opportunity for improvement. By hacking your least favorite tasks and finding new ways to complete or approach them, you’ll boost your motivation.

Remember, not every job is glamorous, but the most satisfied leaders learn to find joy in the daily grind.

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