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Have You Found Your Passion?

September 23, 2013

Daily ReadHave You Found Your Passion?

If your first thought is “ugh…” when you wake up on Monday morning, perhaps it’s time for a change. Maybe you are working and have a good job, but have you found your calling? What you’re really good at and passionate about? 70% of Americans hate their jobs, so you are not alone in your Monday morning exasperation. This may seem like a difficult task but there are a few (somewhat) simple steps to take to find your passion:

  1. You first need to find out what you’re really good at. To think about this question, you have to articulate why you’re great:
    1. What tangible skills do you have that others don’t have?
    2. What skills has someone (besides your mom) complimented you on?
  2. Now ask yourself what you can be passionate about for a really long time. This will help you fight through the crazy up’s and down’s of struggle in business and life. When you find that sense of purpose, the pain of the process all becomes worthwhile. Here’s how to narrow it down:
    1.  “The last thing I’ve done that I’m proud of is [your answer here].
    2. “The communities, people, places, or issues that I care about supporting are [your answer here].”

So what’s your calling? Think critically about these two big questions. Then think some more. No doubt they can bring you one step closer to figuring out what’s important, and then pursuing it doggedly.

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