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Are You Focused on Yourself? Maybe that’s Your Mistake

September 24, 2013

Daily ReadAre You Focused on Yourself? Maybe that’s Your Mistake

Growing your business is your ultimate goal, so it makes sense that you set your sales team’s goals high enough to accomplish this. However, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers of selling. If you really want to grow your company you need to focus on building your customers’ businesses, not your own.  So how do you turn your sales team into strategic consultants? Follow these 4 steps:

  1. As a sales executive, help your customers think strategically, even if for just a few minutes. Most days, they have to sort out personnel dilemmas, deal with financial concerns, make sure their in-stock inventory is right, which leaves them little time and even less energy for considering how to make the business thrive.
  2. Investigate what’s happening for your customers. You are responsible for helping the customer identify opportunities for him to grow his business, not increase his spend. Focus on what now how much your customer buys.
  3. Convey the value of your products in a way that matters to your customers’ businesses–not yours. What matters is whether the item in question makes real sense for the customer with whom you are speaking based on their needs, obstacles, or problems.
  4. Every customer should hang up the phone feeling that he not only got his order placed, but that he got ideas and inspiration too. Your customer is not just taking a risk with the order he is making, but also with the direction in which this order is taking his business.

You need to develop trust and a feeling of partnership with your customers so that you become more than a sales rep, but a business consultant. The beauty of this shift in approach is when you focus on growing your customers’ businesses, you grow your own.

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