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Have You Heard a Good ‘Elevator Pitch’ Lately?

September 25, 2013

Daily Read – Have You Heard a Good ‘Elevator Pitch’ Lately?

The concept is simple: It’s a way to very quickly and easily communicate the value of what you’re selling, and why people should buy it. Done right, they’re simple and direct. The reality is that as simple as the concept is, there are three big mistakes people make when using the “Elevator Speech”, and that’s why most of them suck:

Big Mistake #1:  Most managers expect their salespeople to come up with their own pitch, rather than have a direct and simple one for the entire company to use. Each salesperson does not need to have their own. Have one that’s simple, concise, and consistent across the entire organization.

Big Mistake #2:  Making it too long, which in turn dilutes the message and defeats the entire purpose. Just because you get a 30-second introduction doesn’t mean you should ramble on to fill the 30 seconds. A 5-second message like “We turn websites into printing presses for money,” or opening with a simple question is all you need. If they don’t grab with interest, you’ve only wasted 5 seconds.

Big Mistake #3:  That the elevator pitch is meant to be used for cold calling. Instead you goal is simply to connect with empathy and offer an objective solution (“wouldn’t it be great if…”). You are not closing a deal here, just making a connection. End with a way to engage further like (“Perhaps I could send you a link to my column or a couple of chapters from my books?”) or simply by exchanging business cards.

Have you perfected your elevator pitch? I would love to hear what’s worked for you.

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