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It’s Hard to Be a Winner if People Think You’re a Loser

October 4, 2013

Daily ReadIt’s Hard to Be a Winner if People Think You’re a Loser

First impressions go a long way in shaping how people feel about you until you get them to think otherwise. Unfortunately this is true, whether your first impression is positive or negative. If you project a loser image, people will treat you like a loser right from the start. Here are seven tips to improve your image, so people will recognize you as a winner right off the bat:

  1. Look Good for Any Occasion. You don’t have to be rich to look good. Acceptable business attire today is relative.  Pay attention to detail (shoes, nails, hair) and dress appropriately. Keep healthy, and have good posture.
  2. Write and Speak Correctly.  Do you answer, “I’m doing good” when asked “How are you today?” Using the proper grammatical answer, “I’m doing well,” may seem minor, but small infractions are big to those who judge you. Subconsciously we believe people who don’t speak or write well are less intelligent (whether this is true or not).
  3. Master the Art of Intelligent Conversation.  If all you talk about is your company, your job, your family, or the Kardashians, you won’t be considered at the top of your or anyone else’s game. Be a lifelong learner – take courses, read books, listen to interesting podcasts; stay up on current events, travel and different cultures.  And, know when to stop talking.
  4. Be Charitable. People are impressed by selfless givers.  You can be charitable in many ways. Give your time, energy, and wisdom to people around you as well as those in dire need.
  5. Be Organized. Regardless of net worth or position, when you’re unorganized, it shows and irritates those around you. People may still accept your importance, but they’ll also believe you’re out of control.
  6. Make People Feel Important.  Successful people know how to make it all about the other person. When face to face, have a firm handshake, make eye contact, and show respect by being present.
  7. Spend Time With Successful People. You are always judged on the company you keep. Build a circle of people you respect and admire

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