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Do you know why Honesty is the Best Policy?

October 8, 2013

Daily ReadDo you know why Honesty is the Best Policy?

Let me start by saying no, it is not because your mother told you so. However, your mom did have something right when she said honesty is the best policy. In business, whether you are in sales, customer service or production there seems to be a varying definition of what honesty is. The idea that it is better to ‘Beg for forgiveness than to ask up front’; or that withholding information is acceptable because you are not telling a blatant lie; are both forms of dishonesty. The best way to know if skirting the truth is acceptable is to imagine yourself in your client’s shoes. Say to yourself, “Would I want to know this?” Usually you would want to know.

Here are three more persuasive reasons for being upfront:

1.  It’s what clients want.  In a recent poll respondents kept coming back to the words “honesty” and “truthfulness” when asked what they are looking for in a business representative.

2.  Even if the truth causes a deal to fall through, the money will be made up elsewhere. You will receive countless referrals from satisfied customers if you maintain reputation of honesty.

I3.  t’s simply part of the role of a business professional, similar to parenthood. “We have to tell our kids what they don’t want to hear because it is our job to take care of them and keep them safe. Replace ‘kids’ with ‘clients’ in that sentence and apply it to your work.”

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