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Is Brainstorming a Waste of Time?

October 15, 2013

Daily ReadIs Brainstorming a Waste of Time?

“The conventional wisdom that says you can institutionalize the new idea process via formal brainstorming sessions is simply wrong. Part of what we know about the brain makes it clear why the best new ideas don’t emerge from these kinds of groups” states Debra Kaye. In fact the brain does not function well under pressure which is exactly what a brainstorming session creates. How do we stimulate new ideas if not through traditional brainstorming?

  1. Do something mindless.  Take a walk, organize your sock drawer, rake the leaves— and be sure to listen to music you like. Moderate background noise actually causes us to think at a higher more abstract level.
  2. Do something hard.   Exercising your brain with challenging and interesting tasks makes it better at innovating. Learning a new language or instrument for example.
  3. Make time to meditate. Innovation and new ideas are inside you, and meditation is one way to allow them to become apparent and connected by increasing your power of concentration and allowing your mind to flow freely.
  4. Sleep on it.  Studies show that sleep is essential for our capacity to learn, remember and create.
  5. Believe in your abilities. Creative, successful people have something in common he discovered: they all believed that intelligence is expandable.

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