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How to Turn Your Objectives into Reality

October 18, 2013

Daily ReadHow to Turn Your Objectives into Reality

Tasks and accomplishments fill our daily checklist, but when you have a big goal to accomplish, follow this (practically) fool-proof methodology and you’ll be pleased with the results.

  1. Vet the Goal Thoroughly. Not every goal is worthy. Often unachieved goals aren’t met because the motivation isn’t really there or they were truly unrealistic. Spend time seriously questioning why it’s important. Explore the strengths and resources required for success and be sure you’re willing to make the needed sacrifices and that the rewards outweigh the risks.
  2. Write It Down and Share It. This simple approach is unbelievably powerful. You are 50% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down add 25% if you share the goal with a friend.
  3. Do Your Homework. Give yourself every chance of hitting the goal by surfacing every potential obstacle in your way and exploring every possible solution.
  4. Find an Expert Guide.  There is little glory in reinventing the wheel when it’s totally unnecessary. Powerful objectives will have more than enough challenge even if you learn hints, tricks and shortcuts from those who have succeeded previously.
  5. Commit Publicly to a Regimen.  Focus and discipline are key to any big accomplishment. Doing something extraordinary requires changes in patterns and behaviors and requires a conscious effort and a strong support group.

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