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Keep it Simple Stupid

October 18, 2013

kiss Daily ReadKeep it Simple Stupid

We can try complex methods and trials to be innovative and creative.  Sometimes the most simplistic practices glean the most inventive results. Keep is simple stupid may be the best advice you get. That’s just what Jeff Bezo does in his innovation process. Leaders and entrepreneurs can learn the following from Bezos strategy:

  1. Teamwork. Leaders should never hold out hope for a creative “lone genius” to come along and plop a great idea into their laps. Innovation is a group process.
  2. Tinkering.  Thomas Edison famously said, “I failed my way to success.” So to do teams. Bezos makes it very clear that he brainstorms, debates, and tinkers with ideas.
  3. Patience.  Innovation isn’t an overnight thing. It’s a long process that could take years.

It couldn’t be more simple than that! Read more details about Bezos innovative process at:


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