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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Take Some Risks

October 22, 2013

Daily ReadStep Out of Your Comfort Zone and Take Some Risks

Do you ever feel like you don’t have everything it takes to run your own business? Never mind that the evidence shows you’re really pretty darn good at what you do? Even successful founders can start to lose confidence and prefer the confines of their comfort zones. If you find yourself slipping into this zone here are some sure ways to boost confidence and break through the barriers of your not-so-comfortable comfort zone.

Recognize your strengths and successes. Make a list of your success stories–even if they date back to your high school days. Then note the qualities and skills that you tapped into to achieve your success.

Do it your way. While monitoring competitors on social media you can have one of two reactions. You may find it to be educational and empowering or it can turn into a flurry of envy, fear, and doubt. If the latter is the case, unsubscribe.

Tell your story. Join a leads group or another type of organized meeting that will give you the opportunity to tell people what you do. As you hone your pitch and begin to see a positive response you will gain confidence.

Forgive yourself. We all have memories of past failures and disappointment. These little treasures are the classroom of life. Review those perceived failures and write down what you learned from them and move on.

Take in some praise. Not everyone responds to praise well. Ask friends and family to create a list of all of the things they admire about you. Don’t say a word, simply look them in the eye during this process and internalize what they have to say. You might just learn a few things about yourself.

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