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Get the Most Out of Your Employees

October 24, 2013

Daily ReadGet the Most Out of Your Employees

A topic that has been in the news lately relates to instilling values in our children. The question has been raised is it really possible to raise honest (and responsible) children who will grow up to be tomorrow’s employees? If you’re looking to get the most out of your employees (and children) –it’s not enough to just empower or engage them. You’ve got to make sure that they accept responsibility for the work they do–both the good and the bad. Most are happy to take credit for the good results. But, when things don’t go well, they must learn to accept responsibility for these outcomes too. Here’s how to encourage employee responsibility in your organization:

  • Give employees the freedom to define the “right” approach. Set standards and step back. When problems occur, let the employees who are responsible for the problem figure out the best approach for addressing it.
  • Encourage a sense of ownership.  Give employees the opportunity to experience all aspects of a product, from inspecting their work to dealing with customers. This will not only empower the employees, but give them a greater sense of ownership as well.
  • Expect employees to make their own decisions. If you have to approve every decision that’s made in your business, then something is very wrong. Push decision-making down to the lowest level possible in your organization. Training is the key to success here.
  • Instill pride in the job and in the organization. Keep track of your organization’s results, and show every employee how the job he or she does contribute to these outcomes.
  • Reward employees who step up. Some employees instinctively take responsibility in the workplace, but others will have a harder time doing so. Encourage them by recognizing and rewarding their exceptional performance. When mistakes are made, correct and clarify in private.

Taking responsibility is not something you can force employees to do, but, by taking these actions, you will start empowering your organization to be a place where even the most basic tasks are not only met, but exceeded.

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