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Is Casual Friday too Casual?

October 25, 2013

Daily ReadIs Casual Friday too Casual?

Ten years ago no one would have dreamed of riding the elevator up to their office with their headphones on.  In many ways today’s business generation has taken the office etiquette book and tossed it out the window. There is nothing wrong with Casual Friday, and allowing our employees to be more expressive as long as the element of professionalism remains intact. So let’s take a look at what the New Book of Etiquette might look like, to allow for a more casual atmosphere, smart phones and our new creative generation:

* Knock before entering a cubicle. Better yet, call or email first. At a minimum ask “is this a good time to talk?” before making yourself comfortable.

* Don’t leave voicemails when you know the person is out.  Midnight is never a good time for a call. If you have a late night brainstorm, draft an email to send in the morning instead. Too many people leave their phones on for family emergencies at night.

* If you’re the boss, don’t send demanding e-mails on the weekend.  Unless your team is on a short deadline, compose the email but don’t send until Monday morning. Employees will not only be thankful, but more productive for it.

* If you’re the employee, you can take a day or two to respond to a weekend e-mail.  Again, unless you’re on a shotgun deadline, you can’t ignore your boss’ request completely, but it is appropriate to wait 24 hours before responding.

* Don’t wear headphones in the elevator or hallway. It’s like putting a Do Not Disturb sign on. This is not good business practice!

* Don’t check email in the lobby or elevator. These are great places to connect with colleagues. Use the opportunity.

* Don’t touch your colleagues’ food in the office refrigerator. No matter how hungry you may be.

* Dress one notch up from office casual. If t-shirts are okay, wear a shirt with a collar.

* Use humor to recover from a faux pas. If you violate etiquette, poke fun at yourself in your email apology.

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