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Great Lessons from Great (or not so great) Bosses

October 28, 2013

Every boss–good or bad–can teach you something, whether it’s what to do or what to avoid at all costs. Here are just a few lessons from some memorable managers…

  1. Take time to ponder. You might think of quiet time as almost impossible in a busy, connected life, but the best leaders take time to reflect and plan.
  2.  Enjoy the journey. The present is an exciting time if you are, well, present.
  3. Put family first. It’s easy to get so focused on work that you seem absent at home. Never underestimate what matter most: your loved ones.
  4. Run from bad guys. Bad bosses won’t change, so get away fast.
  5. Some people won’t ‘get’ you. While we all have strengths, there are often naysayers around who try to drag everyone else down. If they are too powerful to ignore, then it’s time to get out of Dodge.
  6. Love what you do. If you enjoy what you do, you will be driven to learn, develop and become successful in your field.
  7. Bet on character. You get what you hire for, and employees with character are never a bad thing to have.

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