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Why Are They Successful?

October 29, 2013

Daily ReadWhy Are They Successful?

If you scan a room of the uber-rich and powerful, you will find there are specific traits that the wealthy successful possess that the everyday professional falls short on. Have I peeked your curiosity? Lewis Schiff, author and executive director of the Inc. Business Owners Council recently revealed his findings on the key traits shared by the wealthiest people. Here are three of them:

They move beyond the details. The most successful people in Schiff’s study had moved beyond delivering their company’s product or service. The wealthiest’ primary source of wealth comes from business equity.

They know people who know people. Schiff said. “Knowing five people who know five people goes a lot further than 5,000 LinkedIn friends. Networking outside your comfort zone is important.

They stay ultra-focused. Interestingly the highest net worth professionals only have two skills, whereas the next group (down) have six skills. The most successful people are aware of their limitations and strengths, and focus on what they’re best at.

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