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Please Tell Me You Don’t Describe Yourself This Way

October 30, 2013

Daily ReadPlease Tell Me You Don’t Describe Yourself This Way

If your boss describes you as a talented, dynamic, innovative hard worker to a prospective client chances are they will be impressed and probably want to meet you. Reverse the scenario and you introduce yourself the same way and you will likely have a very brief conversation because your words make you come across as a pompous jerk and probably not someone they’re interested in working with. While this is probably not realistic the truth is you may describe yourself differently on social media accounts or your website than you would in person. Here are some words that are great when used by other people to describe you, but you should never use to describe yourself:

Motivated.  Never take credit for things you are supposed to do–or be.

Authority. If you have to say you’re an authority, you aren’t. Show your expertise instead.

Global provider.  Only use “global provider” if that capability is not assumed or obvious; otherwise you just sound like a really small company trying to appear really big.

Innovative.  If you are innovative, don’t say it. Prove it. Describe the products you’ve developed. Describe the processes you’ve modified. Give us something real so your innovation is unspoken but evident.

Creative.  See particular words often enough and they no longer make an impact. “Creative” is one of them.

Unique.  Fingerprints are unique. Snowflakes are unique. You are unique–but your business probably isn’t. Don’t pretend to be, because customers don’t care about unique; they care about “better.”

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