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Are You a Work at Home Employee? That Might Be a Good Thing! (for everyone else)

November 4, 2013

Daily ReadAre You a Work at Home Employee? That Might Be a Good Thing! (for everyone else)

Work-at-home or telecommuting employees have had a lot of publicity lately. The lack of interaction and innovation cited as the major issue. Consider carefully the flipside of the coin and the positive aspects. In addition to the cost savings of extra office space and general on-site overhead, what if the savings include less productivity for the in-office employees? Here are five types of employees that are harmless when working remotely, but toxic when you work with them in person:

  1. Vampires. These employees suck the energy out of a room. Allowing these employees to work from home minimizes negativity and their ability to impinge their mood on others.
  2. Volcanoes. They may look impassive, but instead of clearing the air when an issue arises these employees let the pressure build then explode in a temper tantrum. Few volcanoes will send out more than one nuclear email as opposed to multiple eruptions in the office.
  3. Frenemies.  Under the guise of advice, Frenemies will sap your confidence or leave you high and dry by promising to help you out, but then failing to deliver…always for a good reason, of course. Without a physical presence the Frenemy fails to exist.
  4. Parasites. Parasites wait to see what ideas become popular inside a firm and then, when it’s clear an idea has support and “traction,” position themselves as the idea’s sponsor and the brains behind it. With an on-line audit trail of who did what, they cannot thrive.
  5. Basket Cases. Basket cases bring the drama of their private lives into the office and use the resulting chaos as an excuse for failing. Telecommuting allows these employees to deal with their drama at home rather than in the office where others will suffer.

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