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Are You Too Busy for a Conversation?

November 6, 2013

Daily ReadAre You Too Busy for a Conversation?

Regardless of your position, most people are busy from the time their feet hit the floor in the morning.  We have too little time and too many tasks on our to-do list. As we prioritize all of those tasks, we sometimes lose sight of the very important need to notice how others around us, especially our employees are doing. Every employee needs to be noticed. Sure, you’re busy, but taking the time for a conversation can pay off. Here’s why listening can be invaluable…

  • Sometimes you just need to be a sounding board. Smart people are usually able to work out their own solutions, but they still need a sounding board from time to time, so they can vent a little and perform their own self-check before re-finding the path to productivity.
  • A closer look is always worth the time. Listening can help you notice an employee’s struggle, whether it’s with a sales script, customer service or simple organizational tools. It also gives them the chance to voice their weaknesses without making them feel stupid so you can help them make improvements.
  • Even rock stars require encouragement.  Checking in proactively, and not just when something is amiss, is vital for the strongest as well as the weaker players on my team.

The bottom line is this: Noticing needs to happen all the time, not just when we decide we have the time.

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