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Have You Ever Had a Reputation Crisis?

November 8, 2013

Daily ReadHave You Ever Had a Reputation Crisis?

In an age where an internet search is often times one of the top ways individuals and companies are researched, we want (and need) to avoid negative content at all costs. Bad social media postings can lead to a loss of sales for companies and a loss of employment opportunities for individuals. So what should you do if you find unwanted information about you or your company on social media sites? Take a deep breath and then follow these steps…

Respond Carefully. When responding to negative comments keep your response simple, offer to resolve the customer’s specific problem and apologize publicly if possible in a personal way. Avoid being defensive or combative.

Make Personal Contact. If at all possible, try to get the customer away from the computer for a one-on-one conversation either on the phone or in your place of business. You don’t have to admit being wrong, just that you understand, sympathize and want to make the situation right. You can post the results publicly so other customers know you’re willing to rectify problems should they arise.

Fix Your Reputation. Sometimes despite your best efforts, negative information lingers out there, eclipsing all of the other great things you’re doing. The good news about social media posts is that often the most recent comments appear first. Encourage loyal customers to post on your behalf to increase your overall online reputation. Over time, negative posts will move so far down newsfeeds, very few people will see them.

Control Your Reputation. Be proactive and establish an on-line presence on a variety of social media platforms and work to develop a positive image by posting regularly. This will reduce the chances of someone else doing this in your name as well as give you the power to manage a crisis quickly and easily if one arises.

Negative Feedback is Inevitable.  The more successful you or your business is, the more likely you will be a target of negative comments. When taken overall, a few pieces of negative feedback won’t hurt your reputation, especially when sprinkled among many positive comments. Here in lies the importance of being proactive in building a strong reputation.

Eventually we all may face an on-line reputation crisis, the key to surviving it is how you choose to respond.

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