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Digital Detox in 5 Simple Steps

November 12, 2013

Daily ReadDigital Detox in 5 Simple Steps

We all know someone who seems glued to his or her smartphone, constantly checking email, taking calls during meals and even sleeping with it bedside.  The next time you’re at a restaurant look around at how many people are looking at their phones instead of talking to those around them.  We all probably need a little detox, some probably more than others and here are five simple steps to resisting the temptation to check your screen and engage in the sights, sounds and people around you:

  1. Pre-broadcast your detox. The fear of missing something important leads many people to impulsively check their phones and email accounts several times a day. Instead, let other people know through social media, email, phone or an in-person conversation that you will be offline or unavailable, even if it’s for a few hours.
  2. Buy an alarm clock. Having your smartphone by your bed can create an urge to check your messages first thing in the morning. Instead, have your coffee or tea, and start the day on your terms before getting wrapped up in email, Facebook or other forms of digital communication.
  3. Go device-free at meals. Meals should be a trigger for unplugging and an opportunity to connect with your food, the people around you and yourself.
  4. Disable all push notifications.  These notifications interrupt your day and your thought process. Instead, you choose the time to check your messages and be intentional about it.
  5. Welcome quiet time.  With the world at your fingertips, boredom can be a thing of the past. But unoccupied moments can be magical, and when a lull leads to an urge to check your email or Facebook, resist it! It’s these quiet moments of boredom that can spur our creativity.

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