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Pruning Your Business – the smart way

November 14, 2013

Daily ReadPruning Your Business – the smart way.

A seasoned gardener knows the importance of pruning, and pruning well to ensure that a plant stays healthy and vigorous. While to the untrained eye this idea of cutting back a growing plant seems counterintuitive removing the unproductive growth pushes the nutrients and energy to new, stronger growth. The same philosophy holds true to a company. Here’s how to cut back yet grow stronger:

Prune Strategically. We want everything to be done five minutes ago. But sometimes you have to take a big step back before you can take a massive leap forward.

Grow Your Own Unique Vision. Having clear goals and a vision of where you want to be in five or ten years, helps you plan the best path to get there, including the experience necessary to get there (which may be viewed as a lower position than you are worthy of).

Step Back to Leap Forward. The key to this idea has two essential elements: personal vision and a specific goal. If you are headed, ultimately, for something bigger and better, you shouldn’t be afraid to veer from “path of least resistance forward” in order to get there. Most people do pursue paths that are more linear, and there is nothing wrong with reaching success that way.  Unless  you have full faith that your step back will absolutely propel you in new, exciting directions, don’t do it.

It is your determination and belief in your own success that will make the difference in uncharted territory. If it makes strategic sense for your overall career vision, don’t be afraid to cut back. Strategically prune yourself. Bloom into something even bigger.

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