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You Think You’re Smarter than a Kindergartener?

November 18, 2013

Daily ReadYou Think You’re Smarter than a Kindergartener?

Common belief holds that endless hours spent networking and years spent in school equip us for an entrepreneurial career. The reality is you were quite well equipped when you were just five to handle some of the toughest questions and challenges. It seems as we age, we also develop hesitation or lack of confidence. If you want to be the next greatest thing take some advice: get back to the mindset you had when you were a kindergartener.

  • Act before you think. Too many people spend far too long thinking and planning when they should be doing. In fact, many people actually talk themselves out of moving forward with the next great idea. Instead just do it. Build, sell, and see where it goes. You will never know until you act.
  • Not a penny to your name? 95 percent of any startup’s pitch deck is filled with bogus stats, financials and references–and your investors know it. Investors and supporters are looking for talent and a track record. Prove yourself and the funding with come.
  • Don’t play nice.  Want to reap the rewards of growth and profit when you sell? Be a pain-in-the-butt threat to a competitor’s business (ideally the one with deep pockets).

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