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Do You Love Your Job as Much as I Do?

November 25, 2013

Daily ReadDo You Love Your Job as Much as I Do?

It’s pretty easy to guess why 40% of employees are not engaged at work. But what’s more difficult to figure out is what makes the other 60% love about their jobs.  Based on findings of a recent study there are five reasons people love their job.

  1. We the People. The number one reason cited for loving a job was because of the people they work with. Great people attract great people.  Tip: If you’re looking for a job don’t be distracted by the perks, look for the people you want to work with. Interviews with multiple people helps you find a good fit.
  2. Let Freedom Ring.  The second leading factor in what makes people love their jobs comes under the banner of freedom. Employees cited freedom, autonomy and flexibility as key components to job satisfaction. Tip: Freedom and autonomy can provide ideal working conditions, but in many cases, that responsibility has to be earned.
  3. Culture is King.  The work environment is the third most important factor for loving your job. This doesn’t necessarily mean ping pong tables in the employee lounge, but rather the fundamental values of transparency, trust and communication. Tip:  Look for work environments where there is a strong alignment with your personal values.
  4. Variety is the Spice of Life.  It’s in our nature to learn and seek variety so it is important that we have the resources, tools and training for our development. Tip: If you aren’t currently in a position with variety, take up free online classes like learning how to code to help you pivot in a career that more aligns with your interests.
  5. Do Not Limit Your Challenges, challenge your limits (taken from the famous poster!). It’s trite, but true. People want to be challenged. Tip: You don’t have to think of challenges in terms of big moves and jumping off cliffs. Learn to take smaller steps quicker to get out of your comfort zone.

Life is too short to be unhappy at your job. If you’re in the 40% of less than satisfied, unengaged employees, set a goal to make some changes in the New Year!

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