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Are You Smarter Than You Were Yesterday?

November 26, 2013

Daily ReadAre You Smarter Than You Were Yesterday?

Measuring our brainpower has been around for decades, but so has the general belief that the IQ you were born with was a genetic endowment like blue eyes and was not a work in progress. Today however, we understand that like our bodies our with some exercise our brains can not only stay in shape but can actually grow.  The key to a better, stronger, smarter and safer brain as the years go on is what we do on a day to day basis to increase our brain power. Without getting into the nitty gritty neuro-science here are 5 things you should do every day to be smarter than you were yesterday:

  1. Go to a Brain Gym. Spend 20-30 minutes each day on your IPAD (you probably already spend way more than this anyway) performing age-specific exercises. AARP and BrainHQ are great starting places.
  2. Go to a Gym. Spend 30-60 minutes a day exercising, preferably outdoors. Besides the physical benefits to your heart and increased oxygen to your brain, you engage your senses. Really focus on these details (sights, sounds, smells) and try to recall them all later in the day in an attempt to really master the world around you.
  3. Read. Too many people read their last book when they are in high school or college leaving behind them a vast amount of knowledge to be gleaned from reading.
  4. Learn a New Skill. Challenge yourself to constantly learn something new – a foreign language, how to garden, how to change the oil in your car, a new golf swing, a different ping-pong technique, etc. These things will increase your intelligence/performance by challenging your adaptive and working memory.
  5. Laugh with Others. Be social, make new friends, have family over to play games or tell jokes.  This not only has a positive effect on the chemicals in your brain it helps your brain adapt to new conversations and ideas that make you smarter and more interesting.

Try these few simple changes and you will become smarter and actually make life more enjoyable.

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