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Leave the Perfectionist in You Behind for a Month

November 27, 2013

Daily ReadLeave the Perfectionist in You Behind for a Month

Most of the time being a perfectionist has its benefits, but during the crazy days of the holiday season you need to let it go. Schedules become fluid causing meetings and possibly deadlines to shift, the air in the office is lighter, less professional and employees have a lot on their mind other than work. It’s enough to send a perfectionist over the edge. Luckily, there are ways to manage your perfectionism — without sacrificing your sanity. Below find ways to let go of perfection during the holidays.

  1. Prioritize and delegate each task and event. When it comes to a full holiday calendar you need to set boundaries and prioritize. Delegate responsibilities that you might normally handle yourself.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Have a plan in place — but be wary of going overboard. The challenge of handling the extra work when your staff is on holiday, committing to too many holiday parties and shopping for gifts for the office and family can trigger a perfectionist to break down.
  3. Acknowledge the good. Expressing what you’re thankful for is an effective way to channel the good surrounding the occasion. Journaling is an effective way to train your brain to be more receptive to positive thoughts.
  4. Try some new traditions.  With the same meals and events, it can be difficult to let go of the idea of perfection — especially when you start comparing them to previous years.  Incorporating new traditions this year may help ease perfectionism during the holidays.  Remember it’s the time spent with family and friends that’s important.

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