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Is College Really Preparing You For The Business World?

December 2, 2013

Daily Read – Is College Really Preparing You For The Business World?

With finals around the corner, some college students are preparing to graduate and begin their careers. For years, business schools have gotten away with just providing a textbook education but companies are looking for more than facts and figures. Here’s what you should do to land that first job that they don’t teach in class:

Dress the part. Depending on the career path you choose to pursue, make sure what you wear to class reflects the industry standard. By doing so, you come off as more professional to your professor and peers.

Know when technology is appropriate. Get into the habit at school. Learn to turn off your phones and pay attention. Not only will you show respect for your professor and classmates, but you will be more focused on what is happening in class.

It’s still about people and relationships. To make it in the real world, developing communication skills is key. Learn how to make small talk, network, get to know people and exercise humility and appreciation.

Be open to feedback. No one likes criticism but being critiqued is something that is constantly occurring in workplace. So if you are receiving an assessment, be receptive. Ask questions and be open to different perspectives.

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  1. Alison J. permalink

    My college education offered little to no preparation for the working world. College was like being at camp. I made some great friends but it seemed that my professors were more interested in their own success rather than mine. I have no regrets but realizations.


    • Sorry to hear that Alison. I’m glad you made great friends which could turn into good business connections! There is alot of good ‘reads’ out there right now on this subject. Best of luck to you!


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