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You Did WHAT at your Holiday Office Party?!?

December 4, 2013

Daily ReadYou Did What at your Holiday Office Party?!?

It’s the holiday season and with that comes the annual office party. With the stress of work put on hold, wine flowing and the temptation to talk gossip, these functions can lead to tricky predicaments.  Don’t let your business etiquette fly out the window. Here are 7 simple survival tips to enjoy the party without any next day regrets:

1.       Eat something before the event. It’s best to eat a little something before the function, so you can nibble politely on small bites. Avoid messy or difficult-to-eat foods (anything in a red sauce or on a bone) or large hors d’oeuvres that can’t be eaten in one bite.

2.       Don’t sit with your friends. An office party is a chance to shine and mingle with those you don’t see very often. It is also the perfect time to network with key employees at the office. Do a little research and find out who’s attending that you may want to meet.

3.       Practice remembering names. The sweetest sound to someone’s ear is his or her own name. When you meet someone new, repeat his name immediately after hearing it. Use the name a couple of times in conversation.

4.       Hold your glass in your left hand. For introductions, always keep your right hand free for handshaking, as no one likes to shake a cold, wet hand. Don’t talk with your mouth full; avoid juggling too much food/drink and ladies swap your larger purse for a small wristlet.

5.       Choose your guest carefully. The person you bring to the party can reflect either positively or negatively on you. Make sure you and your date follow the dress code. Keep it festive, yet professional.

6.       Keep the conversation light. Though work topics are bound to come up, this is not the time to plan your company’s next advertising campaign, talk about the recent layoffs or gossip about a co-worker’s divorce.

7.       Be all there. Be engaged and don’t spend a majority of the evening texting, talking on your cell phone. Put people first and put your phone on silent.

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One Comment
  1. Thank you for helping out, good info. “Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.” by Tallulah Bankhead.


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