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Everyone Makes Mistakes. The Bigger Question Is: Can You Forgive?

December 9, 2013

Daily ReadEveryone Makes Mistakes The Bigger Question Is: Can You Forgive?

Sooner or later, someone on your team is going to screw up. Hopefully the stakes will be low when it happens. Either way, be prepared to say three words that may not come so easily, at least not right away: I forgive you.  Even if the stakes are high, how you handle the situation can be crucial. Handle it right, offer forgiveness and you can move forward leading and teaching your employees if however, you do not forgive you can create an environment of anger, bitterness and animosity. Understanding the reasons you have a difficult time forgiving mistakes can help you learn to do better so you can be a leader that continues to make a difference:

  1. You tend to obsess over the past. You need to learn to move on. Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra: “An-eye-for-an-eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
  2. You’re unable to empathize with your employees.  Empathy is learned early in life, but it is also a skill you can work on by not rushing to judgment, conclusions, or rash interpretations of your employees’ motivations.
  3. You suffer from envy.  A sense of deprivation, or a fixation with what you do not have, can make you feel negatively towards your employees–especially when they achieve success.

If any of these strikes a chord, you probably need to work on mastering the skill of forgiveness.

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