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Help Your Staff Work Toward a Common Goal

December 12, 2013

Daily Read- Help Your Staff Work Toward a Common Goal

When a major issue arises, is everybody at your company serving the same interests? Or is one person serving the engineering team, another person serving the sales team and another serving the CEO? If that’s the case, then your team is misaligned and not working toward the common goals of the company. In order to help everyone have the same end results, you must first define and communicate those goals and needs. This requires five steps:

1. Define the mission. Be clear to everyone about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

2. Set annual priorities, goals, and targets. Turn the broader mission into something more concrete with prioritized goals and unambiguous success metrics.

3. Encourage bottom-up planning. You and your executive team need to set the major strategic goals for the company, but team members should design their own path to contribution.

4. Facilitate the transparent flow of information and rigorous debate. To help people calibrate the success, or insufficiency, of their efforts, be transparent about how the organization is doing along the way. Your organization will make better decisions when everyone has what they need.

5. Ensure that compensation supports alignment (or at least doesn’t fight it). As selfless as you want your employees to be, they’ll always prioritize their interests over the company’s. If those interests are aligned, especially when it comes to compensation, the company’s success will greatly increase.

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