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FOCUS. The key to success.

December 16, 2013

Daily ReadFOCUS. The key to success.

You’ve probably met them – entrepreneurs who are gushing with ideas, energy imagination and creativity. You might say to yourself “I’ve got all those attributes too”; so what sets them apart? Focus. You can have all these qualities but without focus you have nothing. The good news is it’s easier to develop than you think? Here are three keys to getting and maintaining good focus:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.  Missing just one night’s sleep reduces your cognitive capacity to the same extent as being over the alcohol limit. Our brain lacks the energy to be creative and think outside the box.
  2. Don’t think of strategy as a balanced portfolio.  Having your hands in too many markets really says that you can’t make up your mind. Although focusing on one strategy at a time feels risky, the reality is that if the strategy fails, you find out quickly and unequivocally–and can then change course.
  3. Eliminate distractions.  Our brains have limited capacity and fundamentally do not, will not, multitask. They can task switch, jumping rapidly from one thing to another, but this is exhausting and inefficient. Learn instead to mono-task: Choose a task and work on it until it is done.

The key to being successful in business, life or relationships is being effective, not just busy.

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