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Dreaming of Retweets?

December 17, 2013

Daily ReadDreaming of Retweets?

Forget about sugar plums dancing in your head.  Regardless of your business, we all dream of retweets, after all the value of your content is measured by the number of eyes that see your tweets and are ultimately driven to your organization. You could read all day and not cover all the ‘best practices’ for fine tuning your tweeting.  In comes a cool new tool! TrackMaven, a platform that provides analysis to digital marketers performs analysis on twitter accounts (with 1,000 followers or more) and through these massive trawls through tweets has developed three suggestions you should try:

Timing.  Retweets are highest on the weekend, however during the work week, lunch time saw the most retweets (12:00-1:00 ET) and again 10:00-11:00pm.

Tweet Like a Teen.  Don’t be afraid of showing your emotion using tactics the average 14-year-old would be comfortable with.  Up to nine exclamation marks actually increased the chances of retweeting as does using all caps.

A Picture Is Worth Triple the Retweets.  Adding a picture to your tweet increased the likelihood that it would be retweeted more than threefold

Have you found anything else that increases your number of retweets?

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