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Maybe YOU Need More Discipline?

December 27, 2013

Daily ReadMaybe YOU Need More Discipline?

A well-disciplined child has good manners and does what they’re asked, when they’re asked. A well-disciplined student has good time management skills, gets their assignments done on time and knows how to study effectively.  So what does a disciplined professional look like? A crazed maniac running from meeting to meeting, working through lunch hour and trying to squeeze email responses in after dinner? I think not.  A disciplined professional represents the image of success and everything that come with it – respect, effectiveness, and high levels of productivity. If this is not a description of you, maybe you need to be more disciplined? Successful achievement of most worthwhile objectives — including being an infinitely more productive professional who makes the most of his time — is rarely easy, but is often simple. In fact, it can be boiled down to three steps:

1. Awareness (of the importance of time).

2. Decision (all achievement follows deliberate decision).

3. Action (starting things or implementation,  follow-through, and completion).
Read more detail about these three steps at


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