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Are You Ready for the New Year? Let Me Make It Easy On You

December 30, 2013

Daily ReadAre You Ready for the New Year? Let Me Make It Easy On You

New Year’s Day is nearly here again and offers the promise of great things to come. Since it falls on a Wednesday the business week won’t likely get started until next Monday, which gives you a few days extra to get ready for the 2014 adventure ahead.  Here are three critical things you should do to prepare for 2014:

1.       Reflect.  Don’t just push into the New Year without taking a little time to reflect on the good, the bad, the success’ and the failures of 2013. This will help give you direction and a better idea of what to focus on as you enter 2014.

2.       Repent.  No one is perfect (not even you); so take a minute to recognize your faults, shortcomings in skills and actions in both the business and your personal world. This will help you focus on areas you may need to improve.

3.       Renew.  Clearing your mind and heart of weight helps give you energy and allows you to focus on the path ahead. This is the time to make commitments you will keep. No empty promises. Be the person you truly wish to be. Consider where you can make an impact and find some inspiration to help bring these new adventures to fruition.

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