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Let’s Cultivate the Basics.

January 7, 2014

Daily Read – Let’s Cultivate the Basics.

Like most people you probably have your hustle on. You work well beyond a 40-hour work week and you’re determined to make your next idea the Big One. There’s no question you’re a hard worker, but what about the other skills you need to be successful? Let’s look at three skills everyone, especially entrepreneurs need to cultivate:

  1. Quiet your ‘lizard’ brain. We’re talking about the part of your brain responsible for fear and rage (among other things). Quieting the lizard brain is a constant struggle, yet is a skill that needs to be developed. But as we tune into the frequency of what we feel is the right decision (and tune out the lizard brain) we will be able to truly test our business plans and hypothesis.
  2. Think like an artist. Most of us put ourselves in one of three categories: either the chef (power), cook (executors) or bottle washer (worker on the front line). None of these is thinking or doing outside the box – actually transforming the world; caring enough to consider risk and change and new possibilities.
  3. Connect the disconnected. Connecting people on the surface might feel like old-school networking events where everyone just exchanges business cards, but it’s more than that. It’s about connecting people who are disconnected, making a difference to others by engaging and not being boring and safe.

Cultivating these basic skills may take considerable effort, but the pay-off can get you exactly where you need to be to make this idea the Big One.

What skills do you think are the most important to cultivate for a year of success?

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