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Hang on Tight to the Energy and Agility of the Early Days!

January 28, 2014

Daily ReadHang on Tight to the Energy and Agility of the Early Days!

“It was so much fun in the old days.” Never mind the stress of making payroll and the long nights- the energy and vibrancy of a start up’s office culture is hard to forget but easier than you think to imitate. Here are seven approaches to try:

  1. Stay agile, and move fast. As companies grow they agility and decision making can be slowed, but small startups are fast acting and move quickly – even when they make a wrong decision.
  2. Maintain always-on innovation. When we think of environment we think of perks like game rooms and snacks, but more important is remaining open to innovative and disruptive thinking;  employee-driven innovation.
  3. Stay close to your employees.  Building a culture of mutual respect and openness fosters a positive work environment.
  4. Create ways to stay small within the company. Operate regional offices and internal groups as mini-startups, each with their own mores and idiosyncrasies that inspire and energize your employees like small companies.
  5. Have a consistent line of communication.  By maintaining a culture of consistent communication, employees feel fully informed, valued, and invested in the business.
  6. Always listen. Keep an ear open to what employees have to say about everything related to the business. Use online internal communications that all employees have access to.
  7. Develop strong leaders. Allowing employees to explore different jobs within the organization builds great experience across the board, and it matches the best people to the best roles so you can build for the future.

Do you have any ways to keep the start-up culture that has worked for you?

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