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Business is A Lot like Sports.

January 30, 2014

Daily ReadBusiness is A Lot like Sports.

It’s a great day when your team wins and you can sit back and bask in their glory.  Pin the accomplishment on the Coach, the teamwork, the chemistry of the offense or a great fan base.  The amazing fact is there are a lot of similarities between sports and business and a huge amount we can learn from the example of top sports teams. Here are the top five:

  1. Teamwork is paramount. There is no I in team and surrounding yourself with great people means there is always somebody else who can step up and do a great job.  Try to go it alone and you will probably fail unless you have a strong support structure.
  2. Mentorship matters. A great sports mentor can teach the value of mental toughness to partner with natural talent and hard work.  It can be the missing link between a promising athlete or businessperson and a successful one.
  3. Be resilient and determined.  Any entrepreneur who expects instant success is setting themselves up for a fall. You need resilience and determination to keep getting back up every time you suffer a blow.
  4. Have pride and purpose.  Regardless of what stage your business is at, you should think about how you can make a positive impact upon people’s lives, not just focus upon profit.
  5. Delegate wherever possible.  There are some things you simply have to do for yourself. But as the tasks for any entrepreneur mount up, you need to delegate to others in order to free yourself up to think about the bigger picture, much like a head coach who defers to a trainer, conditioning coach, etc.

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