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How Healthy is Your Team?

January 31, 2014

Daily Read – How Healthy is Your Team?

Being a great team is a choice. It doesn’t just happen naturally when you bring together a group of talented individuals; it takes hard work and a firm commitment that can lead to great payoff. However, some teams don’t achieve the best results because they’re not operating as productively as they could be. Why? Your team is unhealthy. Here are five quick questions to gauge your team’s health (and future prosperity):

1. Are your team meetings a nightmare? Toxic: The leader holds court while everyone around the table nods their heads and takes notes; no discussion; no argument; in fact, hardly any interaction at all. A healthy team: discusses issues relevant to everyone present, people voice their opinions without fear., decisions are made and everyone is clear on the reasoning, benefit, and company-wide message.

2. Do you always get the best ideas on the table? Toxic: People hold back their honest opinions from the group because they fear being ridiculed or, worse, ignored. On healthy teams: opinions, no matter how far into left field, are shared at the meeting, in front of the leader. The common goal is to hear all of the best ideas before making a decision for the organization.

3. Is there backstabbing? Toxic: Team members hold one another accountable and discuss destructive behaviors open; or complain to colleagues but resist telling the person directly.  High-performing teams: trust each other and know that whatever feedback they receive, no matter how hard it may be to hear, is aimed at getting the best results for the team. It is not personal. Of course, teammates tell each other the kind truth, the most constructive way of saying something.

4. Do you hold each other to the same standards? Toxic: Do you look the other way when star performers act out, yet hold others accountable for their mistakes? Successful Teams: understand there are different roles on every team, but everyone is held to the same standard. Regardless of whether they’re generating revenue, providing support, or leading, each person plays by one universal set of rules.

5. Do team members put the good of the group ahead of their personal goals? Toxic: People forget that the goals of the team supersede their personal or departmental goals. Healthy Teams:  automatically put the good of the whole first, realizing if the team is struggling and needs to cut expenses that everyone needs to make sacrifices in their areas for the greater good.  People have a sense of shared responsibility, and they trust that they’ll be taken care of when it matters most.

How is the health of your team?

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