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The pursuit…

March 8, 2014

Every year, our church does a youth retreat called “D-Now,” which is short for Disciple Now. This year, the theme is The Pursuit. Now, before non-spirituals tune me out, read me out.

I can go on and on about our various pursuits in life. Those pursuits can be spiritual, happiness, love, money, physical fitness and so forth. While we can also debate which ones of those should rank first, second, etc…the point of this morning’s message relates to whatever pursuit you have.

The message is this…we can be so focused on the pursuit that we totally ignore or miss very important things going on around us. Your faith, family, friends, co-workers could be in need of our help or attention. But if we’re solely focused on our pursuit, we may get what we want but there could be quite a bit of fallout.

I would simply encourage you to take stock of the things around you while you’re in hot pursuit of what you want out of life. Keep the most important things, the most important things. I would caution you that if you don’t, your success or achievement will be a very lonely award. Bring others along with you for the ride. Those sorts of rides are the ones that altered history and built some of the foundations we take for granted today.

How do you do this? Just take a pause and look around for a few minutes. It doesn’t take a Zen meditational state to see how life is going. But if you don’t take the step of pausing, you’ll never look back to check the wake that you’re creating in your life and others.

Enjoy the pursuit! Best wishes for a balanced one.


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